brooklyn, new york

hope all of you enjoyed this 4th of july holiday. i went on a road trip to new york city to spend the holiday with my husband. it was ridiculously hot that week! but we really enjoyed the trip :)

we spent a whole day in brooklyn in day 2. (well, we went to woodbury commons outlet mall in day 1. got some cloths and a pair of shoes♥) eat, walk, repeat. i definitely needed more room in my stomach because there were so many restaurants and cafes i wanted to try!

lunch @ peter luger steak house. we love the steaks here! we tried a hamburger and a chopped steak (which is like a hamburger without buns). it was the first time to try the hamburger there. yum-yum :)

walked around williamsburg.

had a coffee and a cupcake @ baked

this cupcake was absolutely delicious!!

walk around dumbo. love to see both the brooklyn bridge and the manhattan bridge from here.

this reminds me of “once upon a time in america”


fun to walk through the brooklyn bridge park :)

there was a big screen in the park. it was one of a free movie nights! e.t. was shown on that day.

the views from the brooklyn hights promenade.

the last two shots are, dinner @ grimaldi’s pizzeria. it’s a must!!


旅の2日目はブルックリン散策。Peter Lugerで初のハンバーガーをランチに、ディナーはGrimaldi’s Pizzeriaのピッツァを^^今回はWilliamsburgも散策。有名な古着屋さんには圧倒され、すぐに出てきてBedford Aveをウィンドウショッピング&撮影大会になりました^^;フィルムでも撮ったので、早く現像に出さなくっちゃ♪




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